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BIZ104 Customer Experience Management Assessment Answers

BIZ104 Assignment Answers

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BIZ104 Task Answers

To start with any kind of course unit it is important for the students to gather a brief knowledge about the unit course, it’s importance and the process of the learning that will be delivered to the students. The unit BIZ104 is going to be introduced to the students by the Laureate International Universities, United States. The following sections will be helping the students to discover the various aspects of the topic customer experience management, its importance in the entire 20 week of course. Along with that the following also contains details of the unit, the brief about the assessment and lastly, the marking criteria for the entire course unit.  

The unit will introduce the customer experience management which mainly refers about the entire discussion about the discipline in order to understand all kinds of customers, to deploy all kinds of strategic plans. This helps in enabling all kinds of cross functional efforts and in improvising the customer satisfaction or their loyalty. There are three kinds of components that can be vital in aligning the strategies for the better outcome. These components are: discover, engage and deliver. All the three components are vital to know about the need and desire of the customers, to engage them in the process and to deliver the ultimate production or services in order to satisfy the customers.

For the entire management process of the customer experience management, the main aim is to build up loyalty and to reduce the churn in the customer base. For any kind of business, it is important to ensure that the customers are well satisfied as it helps to achieve the goals and objectives for the company.

For any kind of small or large size of organization, there is a huge importance of customer experience management in order to meet the success and achieve the goals for the future scope. The entire concept behind the customers experience management is very much idealistic and it is carried out by every kind of organization. In recent times, the entire concept regarding this management has become a part of the competition in the marketplace.

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Companies are trying to gain as much as loyalty from the customer base in order to achieve the success and profitability at the same time for the company. By the help of the management, the company is able to strengthen their brands and preferences by analyzing the preferences of the customers, boost the entire revenue of the company, and make improvement in the servings to gain the maximum loyalty from the customer base. It also helps with the promotion of the new products and make expansion in the global marketplace.

The unit course will be helpful for the students in order to gain the insight about the customer experience management, its definition and the importance for any kind of organization. The frameworks, communication patterns or the approaches are also going to help the students to have deep knowledge about how and when to apply the management process in order to gain the profit from the customer base.

Unit Details:

The unit describes the skills and competencies about the course topic, customer experience management and its theories, models or the frameworks. The unit also helps the students to develop the fundamentals about the theories, and also get the scope for the expansion of the knowledge. Thus, it will be helpful for the students to develop the skill of creative thinking and participate in the decision-making process.

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Moreover, the students are required to have deep knowledge and skill for the communication purpose along with its tools and techniques. The main objective of the course unit is to help the students develop the idea of efficiency and effectiveness to gain better customer experience and create value for the organization. Lastly the students are needed to complete their documentation process by maintaining the proper standard that had been set by the organization.

Location: Laureate International Universities, United States

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: BIZ104  

Brief of Assessment:

The assessment will be designed for the proper reinforcement of the entire course unit, which might help the students in gaining skills and competencies about the entire process of the customer experience management. This course unit will be completed under a certain set of parameters within a period of time.

The following are the learning outcomes that can be achieved by the students at the end of the unit:

  • Knowing the concepts and the definition in the customer experience management.
  • Knowing the elements and ways to conduct a value creation system.
  • Understanding the difference between CEM and CRM.
  • Applying the frameworks and models in the process for the understanding of the importance of the customer experience.
  • Applying communication tools and techniques to establish good communication with the customers in order to gain loyalty and trust.
  • Calculating the rate of the engagement for the customers for the betterment for the customer experience management as well as the measurement of the customer experiences.
  • Understanding and measuring all kinds of outcomes after the application of customer experience management in the organizational operation.
  • Understanding the differences between the value creation based on traditional and modern types in the customer experience management framework.   

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Weightage of the BIZ104 Course Code in the Semester:

The main weightage of the BIZ104 Customer experience management is about 20 credit points for the semester. In the unit, the students will be evaluated based on their attentiveness, performances and participation for the unit course.

Apart from those, the marking distribution will be as follows: 20% of the total will be allotted based on the theoretical studies on the unit course. 30% of the total credit points will be marked based on the practical sessions, group discussion and assignments based on the unit. The remaining 50% of the total credit points will be delivered based on the written examination based on the course unit BIZ104.

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