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BIZ102 Understanding People and Organisations Assessment Answer

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BIZ102 Understanding People and Organisations

The BIZ102 code or module is about understanding organizations and people and this module is effective for those students or participants who want to incorporate themselves into the business environment. This is because in order to start a business or to incorporate in the business surrounding understanding people is necessary for an entrepreneur to consider.

Understanding people does not only mean the stakeholders or the consumers rather both the internal and external people included in terms of knowing people. The business managers and other high authority people within an organization are hired or recruited based on a few qualities among which one is emotional intelligence and self-awareness. Both these characteristics are necessary for an individual in their professional competencies and development.

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The motto of every business organization is to reach its potential target audience in such a way so that it can satisfy the needs of the consumers. Without knowing their taste and choice if a business launches new products then that might not touch or attract a target audience. Therefore for every small and medium organization knowing how to deal with the consumer falls under emotional intelligence and self-awareness and that is where this module comes into consideration.

BIZ102 is associated with the organization called “Laureate International University”. In addition to that this module will also reflect on the feedback to identify the opportunities that students and participants can have for professional development and self-improvement.

Unit details:-

Location:- Australia

Study level:- Graduate Level

Unit code:- BIZ102

Brief of BIZ102 Assessment:

In the century of 21st and with the changing generation and economy each and every business organization is hiring people who are capable enough to work in a diverse and intercultural environment. This is because the organizations that are running globally is having different cultured and backgrounds people from different countries who are working together. Therefore considering that the big business organization wanted to have those people in their workplace who are having the quality to adapt to the challenges and situation based on their self-awareness and intellectual capability.

The role of HRs is to see those things where there will be no cultural conflicts or discrimination in the workplace. Therefore the emotional intelligence of HRs is to come up with such policies where these things of conflicts can be minimized and reduced a positive work culture can be maintained. This is something called about understanding people.

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The research initially stated that understanding people does not only mean managing or dealing with consumers, rather managing a workforce in order to maintain in-between activities before any product reaches to the market. This is because without having the positive presence of the workers an organization cannot think about having proper organizational growth in the competitive business surrounding.

In order to manage the workplace environment the first and foremost thing about understanding the workforce is to analyze their basic needs. Each and every stakeholder inside a business is having the basic requirements of satisfying their needs. Therefore in this case of the workforce, they also have the desire to have a proper pay scale, a proper balance work schedule, few basic facilities, etc. Employees become motivated and productive when they are having these basic needs fulfilled by the management. Not only these but having a proper work culture where workers can effectively communicate with their teammates, can have fun with others, can have the facilities to work in a team can also ensure about proper work environment and culture.

With the HRs, the higher authority and the managers also needs to understand these basic needs and should aim or should have the objective to have a transparent communication channel where each and every layer workers can have communication to any level hierarchy. This can ensure about the strong and weak points of the workers and based on these things the skilled and talented workers can also be retained within the workplace for a longer period of time.

After understanding the internal areas, now it needs to analyze the outer part which is also a most important consideration where a business needs to understand about how consumers react on a certain products or services. Thus by having idea about the requirements an organization or a business can go for different segments of market where based on the age, gender, behaviour, location and desire of consumers a business can manufacturing only those products which can be properly suitable for them. That is how business can generate revenue and can also reduce their investment in different areas.

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Different departments, especially the marketing department of an organization that works for consumers only need to utilize their emotional awareness and intelligence to make sure that their products or services can be liked and loved by consumers. The channel of communication and posting suitable content to attract consumers are other key considerations that the management teams need to take care of. In addition to that, there are other departments that also need to work on their own thinking and by stepping in the consumer’s foot, they need to analyze how consumers can like certain things even if there are lots of competitors.

Weightage of this BIZ102 Course Code in Semester?

The module is incorporated within the course to let the students know about the characteristics that they should incorporate in order to let them work professionally in any business organization. The first and foremost thing is emotional intelligence and awareness because only the theoretical concept might not let them understand the practical scenarios. Therefore in order to go more depth, they need to analyze the practical scene and understand people based on certain perspectives they can fulfill their objectives of personal development within their personal and organizational surroundings.

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