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BAO2203 Corporate Accounting Assessment Answers

BAO2203 Assignment Answers

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BAO2203 Task Answers

This code BAO2203 is a corporate accountancy graduation level course which was offered by the Victoria University of Australia to the local as well as international students who have joined the university to pursue certification upon Accountancy management. This unit is one of the important unit within the course which the student need to fulfill in order to get eligible for the certification program which incorporates the importance trends in corporate accountancy within the business and how it impacts the business to achieve its success in the long run.

The students in this module need to implement their understanding, skills, and knowledge they have gathered on this course in order to successfully complete this assignment. The main purpose of this assignment is to make the students ready for the corporate world and to make them aware of the trends in corporate accountancy challenges and impact within the business.

Corporate accounting is a subset of accounting that bargains to company financial reporting, including the preparation of final accounts and cash flow statements, financial analysis and interpretation, and accounting for specific events such as mergers, acquisitions, and the preparedness of centralized finance proclamations.

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A listed corporation is one that is allowed to sell its registered securities (stock, bonds, etc.) to the general public, usually through a stock exchange, but it can also refer to companies whose stock is traded over the cash register (OTC) by market participants using non-exchange quoting assistance like the OTCBB as well as the Pink Sheets.

A government-owned firm is often referred to as a "public company." This would be the less-common definition of "public business" in the United States, and it originates from the history of public ownership of assets and interests by and for the people as a whole (public ownership). Advantages like selling of the securities allows it to raise money and assets. That's why publicly traded companies are so essential: obtaining huge quantities of cash for private firms was extremely difficult previous to their creation. Corporate entities might offer their shares as remuneration for individuals who give services to other companies, including its shareholders, executives, and workers, in addition to being able to readily obtain funds.

The section investigates how and why businesses report to the various beneficiaries of financial data. This is suggested that perhaps the data released by firms ought to have specific fundamental features in order to be valuable for economic choices. These qualities will be investigated by the students through both the overall framework of corporate reporting and more particular instances of commercial accountancy processes. The application of accounting standards to the preparation of financial statements and company reporting is a key emphasis.

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Unit Details:

The main purpose of this unit is to provide the student with the understanding regarding the corporate accountancy which exist within the corporate structure in order to make them aware of the accounting standards which take place and the trend which is prevailing within the market so that they can get every created with every aspect of the corporate world and become a successful leader. As every industry is becoming internet prone which is resulted in changing the standards of corporate accountancy within the organizations as a result this course provides the student with detail overview of the change in accounting standards of the corporate accountancy.

The unit describes the details skills and knowledge which is required in order to establish the standards for the production and design of the organizational document in order to manage the document design and production process which will ensure the agreed standards are met. It applies that the individual employed in a range of work environment who are required for the development of the skills which will use to range of software packages. The individuals used this set of skills in order to establish the document and also to implement the consistency of standards within the document design of the organization.

Location: Victoria University, Australia

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: BAO2203

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Brief of Assessment:

The assignment is divided in three parts which the student need to follow in order to complete the report regarding the corporate accountancy. The first part is the introduction to the concept of corporate accountancy where the student need to showcase their understanding and knowledge about corporate accountancy also referring to several literature which was been published by other scholars.

Followed by this a detailed analysis of the current trends that exist within the market regarding the standards of corporate accountancy with reference to the news articles and journals published on it. Finally the student need to provide their own reflection upon the topic in order to find out the solution.

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Weightage of the BAO2203 Course Code in the Semester:

The total weightage this unit it holds is 40% of the total course marks as a result it is an important module which the student need to qualify in order to get the certification of this course. This course will have several aspects which the student need to follow in order to understand what is Corporate Accountancy Management, and the importance of trends in corporate accountancy for improving the business activity within the business which is impacting in providing efficient and effective solution to the organization, and its advantages and disadvantages every aspects has their own set of weightage.

In order to fulfill all the criteria the student need to showcase their high quality understanding about the concept of the importance of trends in the standards of corporate accountancy which is impacting the business in international and local market which will help the student to succeed in this course.

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