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B01BAVA320 Business Analysis & Valuation Proof Reading Services

B01BAVA320 Assignment Answers

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B01BAVA320 Task Answers

In order to determine a company's long-term health and future value, accurate business analysis and valuation are required. Investors, senior managers, fund managers, and private investors who need to make strategic decisions based on quantitative data and sound valuation procedures would benefit from this material.

This course presents a framework for financial statement analysis, with a focus on valuation and assessing business and management performance. This course is for all MBAs who plan to utilise financial statements to analyse a company's performance, prospects, and value at some time in their careers.

Although the focus will be on public company financial analysis, many of the tools and approaches used are also applicable to private company financial research. Students interested in consulting, corporate finance, investment banking, hedge funds, or private equity would find this course particularly useful. The course B01BAVA320 is associated with Kent Institute Australia.

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Unit Details:

Location: Australia

Study Level: Postgraduate

Unit Code: B01BAVA320

Brief of Assessment:

Within periodic and scheduled timelines, B01BAVA320 Assessment Answers will be designed to reinforce and extend knowledge and skill competence within set and controlled parameters in accordance with each unit's learning outcomes and performance criteria requirements, including the setting of work-based practical application tasks to provide evidence of competence outcomes.

Students must demonstrate the following skills: - identify organisational needs, requirements, and information technology capabilities related to document design and production; - establish documentation standards to meet organisational requirements; - design, test, and amend document templates; - develop and implement documentation and training to support the use of standard templates and macros; and - monitor the implementation of standard templates and macros.

Students will also be expected to demonstrate their understanding of the following topics: - explain the software applications relevant to document design and development in the organisation; - describe document production processes; - identify costs associated with the implementation of standard documentation; - describe the software applications relevant to document design and development in the organisation; - identify essential provisions of relevant legislation and regulations, codes, and standards that govern document creation; - describe organisational policies and procedures relating to document production; and - list external sources of expertise available to the organisation or workgroup.

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The course's goal is to give students practical experience in financial statement analysis. Financial analysis tools, theoretical principles, and actual valuation concerns will be introduced to students. By the completion of the course, students should be able to use financial statements to gain a better understanding of a company's performance and to make reasonable valuation predictions. To increase understanding of financial statements and their usage in valuation, the course builds on RC courses such as Finance I, Finance II, and Financial Reporting and Control (FRC).

The objective of the project is for students to improve their oral presentation skills by analysing and valuing significant business principles in real-world organisations.

Students will learn about a comprehensive financial statement analysis and valuation framework that includes strategy, financial reporting, financial analysis, and valuation, as well as how to apply this framework and tools to fundamental analysis and the role of intermediaries in capital markets. To provide hands-on experience, valuation software specifically created for this subject will be used. Throughout the semester, students will hear from a variety of guest speakers, including hedge fund managers and research analysts.

The first half of the course focuses on creating an accounting-based valuation framework that takes into account a company's strategy, financial performance, and accounting credibility. There will be two key issues covered.

Analysing a company's value proposition and identifying key value drivers and risks is what reporting strategy analysis is all about. Determining how well a company's accounting policies reflect the underlying business reality; determining the quality of a company's results; making accounting modifications to minimise management biases.

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Analysis and valuation of performance assessing present performance and its long-term viability, forecasting future profitability and risk, and valuing companies based on earnings and book value data

The course will frequently assume the perspectives of equity analysts, short sellers, and hedge fund activist investors while doing the aforementioned. Case protagonists will attend classes in some of the instances.

The second half of the course applies the foregoing methodology to a range of business valuation scenarios, including equity investment research, initial public offerings (IPOs), spin-offs, mergers, short selling opportunities, and hedge fund activist investing techniques.

Students will work on a group project to further their ability to apply course abilities in a practical setting. Using the course framework, the project will entail a thorough financial performance study of a company. Students will work separately on linked companies in groups, with a group effort to integrate the disparate findings. The course's final few sessions will be devoted to the creation and execution of these projects.

Learning outcomes of the course:

  • Learn the fundamentals of financial analysis and business valuation tools.
  • Describe how industry analysis, strategic business analysis, accounting analysis, financial analysis, and prospective analysis are all connected.
  • Show how different business disciplines interact, such as financial accounting, financial management, and strategic management.
  • Apply the three primary components of financial accounting, financial management, and strategic management to demonstrate work-ready disciplinary knowledge.

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What is the Weightage of this B01BAVA320 Course Code in Their Semester?

Each 6-credit Postgraduate course at CQ University needs a total time commitment of 150 hours, based on an average of 12.5 hours of study per week.

Group oral presentation: 10%

Individual Self Reflective Summary: 5%

Assessment Task


Project (research)


Project (research)


Project (research)


This is a graded unit, thus your overall grade will be computed from the marks or grades you receive for each B01BAVA320 Assignment Answers, based on the relative weightings listed above. To pass the unit, you must receive at least a 50% overall grade or a 'pass' overall grade. If any of the 'pass/fail' tasks in the table above are listed, they must be performed successfully (a 'pass' grade).

In addition, as indicated in the 'B01BAVA320 solutions' section, you must fulfil any minimum mark requirements specified for a specific assessment task (note that in some instances, the minimum mark for a task may be greater than 50 per cent).

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