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ABD703 Assessment Answers

ABD703 Assignment Answers

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ABD703 Task Answers

The course is all about diploma and enterprise management of level 7. ABD703 is an integrated part of the diploma and enterprise management. The code stands for creating and managing advantage in competitive businesses. Hence, the course will focus on how to leverage the studies with respect to present scenario in global business and entrepreneurship at large. Competitive advantage in business is that attribute which facilitates outperformance by a company and defeat their rivals.

However, there are other aspects of seeing competitive advantage in business. Though there are too many businesses and that too in a diverse region with different product ranges, vast category of products and services, and varying domain of the global economy. Hence, in business probably the most important deliverable is creation of value and brand identity in doing business. Sharing the dividend among the shareholders is the next important attribute after creation of value. Distributing the shares among the shareholders gives stability to the business whereas generation of competitive advantage gives stability and long-term direction to a business. However, harnessing this edge is not that easy to be specific as far as the present challenges in doing business are concerned along with the tough terrains of business propagation.

That is why, generation of value and giving competitive advantage to a concerned business is not a cakewalk. However, across different dimensions of the business, providing highly skilled labour, facilitating uniqueness in geographic locations, brand positioning, elevate the quality standards and winning the buyers’ psyche are not indeed an easy job. The course covers all the aforesaid areas with application of the relevant theories and models relevant to practice.

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Unit Details:

Location: Abacus Institute Of Studies, NZ

Study Level: Post Graduate and Undergraduate

Unit Code: ABD703

Brief of Assessment:

The assessment is based on the ability of the students to capture the details and teachings of the course. Most of the times, it is observed that there are plenty of chances that gives situational leverage to businesses. However, in the absence of skilled managers and policymakers, these hints or situational leverages are often missed. The assessment will thus cover such abilities of the students to manage business affairs even in tough situations and providing a clear direction of how to lead the business in forward direction in the middle of all odds.

Odds are often misapprehended in terms of a time for leisure activities or celebrations. However, in reality, the contemporary businesses of the concerned business might not be celebrating the small victories but they invest all of their energy, will, and internal strategies to tailor for the best approach in life. This is how, people of different areas propel forward with challenges and grow through challenges. Alike ways are there to provide edge to businesses even form tough competitions and harsh rivals that continuously push their limits to gain advantage in their business or to capture the entire market by outsmarting the rivals.

The course seeks to assess the capacity that the students have developed in terms of sailing business from stormy seas and the horse latitudes even after the trade winds and unprecedented toughness that they face in the way of doing business. The course will assess all the necessary essential evaluation points that will ensure the students that are passing the course shall be going through a skilled mind-set and competitive business acumen.

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Weightage of the ABD703 Course Code in the Semester:

The course has 15 credit points and has an equivalence of level 7 studies with prior emphasis on the practical affairs of doing business. In the present world, if the situations that are riddled by competition and global economic uncertainties are concerned, the course can act as a leveller that will help the students in sailing their boats across the gustiest storms of competition and setbacks due to management issues. With the course itself, the students will be offered with a work visa of 20 hours per week which will be conducive for the foreign students and aiding them with their sustenance and livelihood.

Permanence residence facilities will be provided to the foreign students and these will cover their food and lodging facilities with ease of studies, support, and providing with conducive environment necessary for studies and at the same time managing personal affairs. There are three campuses namely Hastings, Auckland, and Christchurch that will teach the same course and based on the preferences and facilitation of the students, the students will be sent to study their courses.

There is provisions for an average of 30 academic weeks inside the curriculum settings with proper breaks and sufficient number of holidays. Work permit, permanent residence, support in further studies, assessments in terms of the course evaluation parameters, and very good scope for a bright career is assured in the course with major weightage on student-friendliness. Moreover, weightage will be given on the qualification of all the students that are willing to bolster their career in business studies and practical management which is prevalent across the global economy.

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The 21st century’s management and leadership skills are added advantage of the course with major weightage on managing intricate business challenges as far as the tough competitors or rivals in alike business are concerned. A holistic approach and complete framework for future clarity in business studies are also emphasised majorly with prior focus on societal aspects of business, management of relationships among the stakeholders of a business at various levels.

Furthermore, the qualification of the business managers of the future workplaces are also taken into account with impetus on management of sustainability in business and cooperation among the mangers and relevant decision-makers. Hence, the level 7 course is a gateway to success in future business with marked benefits of a bright career, better future in terms of job opportunities, and excellence in business acumen.

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